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PENANCE is the first book featuring Abraham Sorkin and Maxine. This is not formatted as an EBOOK, however the pages are larger than they would otherwise be. Because of the web formatting, the book is compacted, allowing more on each page so there are fewer pages in the copy field.
Also, because of the website restrictions, I was not able to add a site bookmark. Your web browser, however, should allow you to bookmark the page you are on to return to it easily.
I encourage you to copy and paste if you like for easier reading, or to share with others! AND PLEASE, SHARE THIS SITE WITH OTHERS>>>
IF you want to find out what happens to Abraham and Maxine, be sure to read the sample chapters for "The Gold Train Connection" as well, and then click on the URL on the order page to get your own copy!
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Your Free online version of "Penance" is right here!
Penance is a Christian suspense featuring Dr. Abraham Sorkin and his two nurses. Sorkin operates a women's clinic, and...because he performs some abortions...has been the target of pro-life protests.
But when his young, pregnant nurse is kidnapped, it is not the pro-life faction which worries Abraham. It is the syndicate which seeks a dark knowledge. A knowkedge gained in Nazi Death Camps. A knowledge that could be the key to helping the lame walk and the blind see. But what good is vision when it shows you the sights of hell?

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