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A Christmas Poem
Merry Christmas. Are you kidding me?
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Macie shut the door and edged back to the couch.

            “There. That’s a good girl.” Soudo turned to Doman and Austin.” Someone’s bound to have heard that shot. We’ve got to get out of here.”

            “Bring me the old lady first.” Abraham could see Michael Austin moving toward the closet where they stored medications and supplies. He disappeared inside and came out a moment later holding a red balloon.

            “More party favors?” The preacher seemed to be enjoying the tension.

            “If we give it to her out of the tank, it will freeze...paralyze her throat. You want this to look good, don’t you? Hold her down”

            Soudo stood, holding the gun. It was so small it seemed like a toy. “Why not use the mask they use to give the gas?”

            “Because, we don’t want to leave any evidence that they were sedated. Isn’t that what you said? If we set up the apparatus, we have to take the time to put everything back. We don’t have that time. And if Mrs. McKenzie is supposed to have taken out the clinic, she wouldn’t know how to use it anyway.”

            Austin held the balloon to Maxine’s mouth. After a struggle, he got it past her teeth and released the gas inside it. She relaxed almost immediately. Abraham bit his lip and felt his hands clench.

            I promised I’d protect you…you and Macie. Old men shouldn’t make promises they can’t keep.

            “Besides all that, Doctor Austin, this is more fun. Like inhaling liquid paper fumes, or spray paint propellant. Party games.” Doman grinned. He motioned to the other captives to stand against the wall in the doctor’s office.

            “Mrs. McKenzie, may we have the honor?”

            Paige hung back, but Doman outweighed her by a hundred pounds. Soon, she slumped on the floor beside Maxine. Abraham noticed Macie stiffen, in anticipation of being dragged from her seat. Then Doman’s hands were on her arms, lifting her off the floor and setting her down ahead of him, pushing her. He took a step toward her.

            Suddenly Macie’s head whipped to the side.

            “Look, Dr. Sorkin. Look.”

            Doman turned, but seemed to see nothing. Soudo and Austin glanced back, and the preacher shrugged.

            Abraham followed her gaze. Something erupted in light from the reception doorway. He shaded his eyes and stared.

            Ummeglich…. Impossible.”



















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