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A Christmas Poem
Merry Christmas. Are you kidding me?
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  Macie looked up to see Phil rushing through the hospital doors. He threw himself onto the plastic chair next to hers.

 “What’s wrong? Are you in pain?”

 “I haven’t seen the doctor yet. I just…all of a sudden there was this pain. I waited it out, and it went away, but I wanted to be sure nothing was wrong, so I came here.”

 “How long have you been waiting? They need to get over here and...”

“Not long. I just got here.”

“Cath said you called before, too.”

  Macie looked up, her eyes widening. “I’d almost forgotten. I found out who’s been stalking me. It’s Maxine’s neighbor. Maxine has been feeding her information about—”

  “Macie Stone?” the admissions clerk called.

  “Me, that’s me.” Phil grabbed Macie’s arm and pulled her to her feet. “I mean that’s my wife.”

   The nurse who appeared in front of the admissions desk smiled at Phil, then looked down into Macie’s eyes.

   “Can you walk, honey, or would you like a wheelchair?”

   “I can walk. Actually, I feel kind of foolish now. The pain’s gone. I’m fine.”

  “We’ll still check it out.”

  She transferred the clipboard, which held the forms Macie had filled out, to her left hand and linked her right arm in Macie’s. Phil hesitated as the nurse led Macie away.

  “You’re welcome to come, too, sir,” she said, looking back over her shoulder.

 As they started down the hall, a fresh cramp burned through Macie’s belly.






   “So, you’ll need a few weeks off.” Abraham walked around the reception desk and pulled up a chair. Macie sat next to him on the couch.

    “Maybe more. I hate to do this to you Doctor, but I can’t take any chances. Phil and I really want this baby.”

    “I understand, Macie. A child is a precious thing.”

    “I was going to talk to you about whether you still wanted me to work here.”

    “And why would I not?”

    “I just thought…never mind, Dr. Sorkin. But I do need a few weeks off. My doctor said…”  Macie blushed and ducked her head.

    “It’s all right, Macie. I think I would feel funny about having you as a patient, too. And if you just need to relax a little, get your blood pressure down, that sort of thing…it’s a good idea you should stay home."

Macie stood, leaned over and kissed Abraham on the cheek. 

“I don’t know if that’s any more relaxing. My mother is coming for a visit.”

 “And I’m stuck here with Maxine.” Abraham smiled. He stood and held his arms out to Macie. “God have mercy on both of us.” 

 Tears welled in her eyes. As she stepped into his embrace, the clinic phone rang.

 “Half an hour we’ve been closed. It takes chutzpeh to call this late. They should talk to the machine.”

 As if on cue, they heard the taped message, “Leave your name and the date at the tone.”

A long beep followed, then a man’s voice.  “Abraham, this is Michael Austin. Call me as soon as you can. There’s been another…just call me, okay?”





























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